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Our Activities

At Jack in the Box Preschool we love doing activities with the children! We love learning through play and ensuring that the kids are gaining new skills, developing and having fun while they do it! We do a number of activities during the week such as arts & crafts, exercising, imagination building and play, sensory activities, story time, phonics etc... but the kids favourites are most definitely Sports, Cooking & Music.



We have a sports coach that comes in and teaches the children all different kind of sports and lots of different fun games, This helps to build the children's confidence with physical learning and helping listening skills.  They do love sports and being active!



We have a lovely parent who dedicates her time and talent to come in and sing songs with the children and she also talks about all her different musical instruments and lets the children explore the different sounds and how each instrument works.



What better way to encourage healthy eating and trying new foods than getting the children to make their own! They love donning their chef hats and making salads, biscuits, cutting up fruit and veg and tasting new foods too! Colours, texures, shapes, coordination, cooking has it all!

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