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Your Child's Health

At Jack in the Box Preschool all our staff members have attended and have received certificates in paediatric first aid.

If you wish to see any of our certificates please feel free to ask.


Can you administer medicine to my child during the day?

On occasions we may have children in the setting that have Medical and/or Health Needs. This may include the need to administer any ongoing medication, occasional medication, emergency medication or preventative medication. 
Should your child require medication during the session, the Manager will complete a ‘Health Care Plan’ with parents/guardians, detailing the child’s medical needs, the procedures and possible triggers that may apply, and giving parental consent to administer any named medication. 

Please note only medication prescribed by a GP can be administered.  


Temperature - can they come to preschool?

A normal temperature in babies and children is around 36.4C, but this can vary slightly from child to child.

High temperature - Your child might:

  • feel hotter than usual to the touch on their forehead, back or tummy

  • feel sweaty or clammy

  • have red cheeks

A fever is a high temperature of 38C or more.  If your child has a temperature of 38C or over, they should not attend Jack in the Box Preschool. 

If your child spikes a temperature of 38C or over during the session, you will need to collect your child as soon as possible. 


Sickness and/or Diarrhea

We ask parents / guardians not to send their children to Jack in the Box for 48 hours after they were last sick / diarrhoea. 
This rule is in place to help prevent spreading the infection around the preschool and keeping everyone safe and well. 

Whilst your child may appear well, germs can still be spread during this 48 hour period.


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